Information About Cars

If you drive a car these days, you might be preoccupied with things like the cost of fuel, car maintenance and motor vehicle insurance. You might not have the time to worry about shot blasting service, rust proofing and other complicated processes that give your vehicle that special brand new look.

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Below are some of the processes that go into the manufacturing of the car you drive.


The first step in the car manufacturing processes is the design. Every carmaker has a vibrant design section. The experts in this department usually spend their time creating special designs for different models. Experts in the company assess these designs and approve them.


Once a design has been approved, the design is passed on to the engineering department. The experts here use the design to create a prototype. Professionals in the marketing and sales department then analyze this prototype. In some cases, the board of the company meets to consider the viability of the prototype. If all the parties concerned approve the prototype, it is approved and the stage is set for mass production of the car. Now, this is where the experts in the automobile industry prove their mettle.

Body Work

Transforming a prototype to a car requires a lot of work. The foundry takes care of the bodywork of the car. In this section, experts mould car parts like doors, bonnets and boots. The body of the car is also produced by the foundry. In fact, this department handles all the metal parts of the car.

The Engine

The engine is easily the most important part of the car. This is because without the engine, all the accessories and other parts of the car will not work. Professional automobile engineers create the engine parts like pistons, sleeves, bendix, armature and the kick starter. Other engine parts created by the engineering department include oil filters, fuel filters, oil pumps, radiators and the chassis.

Car Interior

Manufacturing a car is not all about the engine and the body work. You need a great interior to make the car look good. This is why car interior professionals work in the automobile industry. These experts help in the upholstery and the proper arrangement of the dashboard, seat belts and other parts you have inside the car.

Tubes and Tyres

Your car cannot move without tyres and this is why a set of brand new tyres are vital. The tyres should come with tubes, wheel rims and even alloyed wheels. Once these things are in place, the car is almost ready but it still needs a few extra touches.

Rust Protection

Since the car is made from metal, you need rust protection to ensure the car lasts a long time. There are different ways to do this but the point is that the right method will protect your car for many years.

Final Word

Car manufacturing is a challenging and interesting process. Experts in metalwork, glass, upholstery and engineering put their skills to good use in the automobile industry. The result sis the car you drive and enjoy.